Does Trendiness Destroy Creativity?

I don’t journal a lot, but I do like to write down different thoughts here or there whether it is ideas I have or things that I pull from my devotion time. Whatever the reason may be, I journal because it is the small reminders to myself of the person I want to be and it can be a list of dreams and ideas that I want to accomplish in life.

I wrote this down a while back as a challenge to myself…

“Don’t spend all your time trying to be relevant because when you feel you have reached relevancy you are already outdated.”


I can get so lost in what is trendy in culture or what other people or churches are doing that I no longer create I duplicate. I get so worried whether people think that what I may say or do is current that I am no longer inspired to be unique.

I have this crazy belief that the church should be the creative epicenter of our culture. That the greatest minds, artist, speakers, developers, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s should be coming from the church because we are (or should be) connected to God in a pure intimate way and He is the essence of creativity. My fear is that I get so caught up in trying to reach the unchurched in ways to prove to them that we are culturally relevant that we just look outdated.

I desire to create environments where God takes people’s breathe away and they are left in awe.

God has placed the most innovative & creative ideas inside of us. We just have to listen to His direction and leap past our fears.

You’re My Burning Bush Moment.

You three are my burning bush moment. Daily when I look at you I experience the presence of God. I see His fingerprint imprinted on your entire lives and I am left in awe. When I lay my eyes on your beautiful faces I am constantly reminded of Gods grace, His blessings, His perfect timing, how His plans are greater than mine, and how I don’t deserve His faithfulness yet He still blessed me with you three.

My heart explodes in the simple moments when we just snuggle on the couch or when I come home from work to be greeted by little hands wrapping my legs in hugs. Oh and my favorite moments are when you can be lost in your little world playing with your toys and catch a glimpse of me and run over give me a kiss just to tell me “Daddy I love you and even in the midst of my playing I am thinking about you” and then back you go to your toy. In that moment it makes me think that is what God desires from us. That in the midst of our busy everyday lives we stop in brief moments and give God a kiss just to tell Him that we love Him and even in the midst of our business we are constantly thinking about Him”

What are the everyday burning bush moments in your life?

Pray it! Speak it! Mean it!

I love to pray the scriptures. There is something about praying and speaking in faith the God inspired words that are written in the Bible. However, lately I have been very conscious about what is the theme of my prayers. The scriptures I have been praying lately are found in Hebrews 13:20-21….

The author of Hebrews hits the nail on the head with these 2 verses. First he proclaims what God has done in raising Jesus from the dead and then how through the blood of Jesus our relationship with Him is restored. Secondly, the author goes on to pray that God equips and produces in him everything that will accomplish Gods will, that his life will please God, & that his life will give God the glory.

My prayer is that my life is inline with the purpose of God and that I produce the character and qualities of God that please Him and brings His Glory on earth.

I highly recommend praying scriptures and writing them down in a journal or somewhere that you continually go back to and pray over and over again.

What are some scriptures that you pray and speak into your life?