Podcast 005 – Constantly Be Evolving

“Living Beyond the Dream Podcast” – Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week we are tackling why as leaders we and our organizations must be constantly evolving.

Podcast Questions and Times:
Why do you think “GROWING leaders make GROWING organizations?” – 0:33
How do you create a culture of continuous development? – 2:15
What is the importance of identifying your most effective learning style – 4:08
What are some personal best practices for continuous development? – 6:55
How do you quiet the noise of excuses? – 9:38
How important is time management when it comes to continuous development? – 14:47
How can success affect development? – 17:38
How do you take your knowledge about personal development and apply it to organizational development? – 22:50

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