Podcast 008 – Seven Ways to Handle Stress

Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week we are discussing The 7 Ways to Handle Stress:

Episode Breakdown
Remember to Pray – 1:44
Have an Attitude of Gratitude – 4:28
Keep Safe Outside Voices – 8:36
Have a Healthy Team – 12:25
Be Organized – 17:04
Have Distraction Free Family Time – 21:24
HAVE FUN – 24:58

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Podcast 007 – Consistency is Everything

“Living Beyond the Dream Podcast” – Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week we are discussing the importance of consistency…

Podcast Questions and Times:
What is the “Flywheel Concept” and why is it important? – 1:00
How do you fall in love with the process – 3:13
How do you communicate consistently to your team without seeming like your micro-managing – 6:48
How do you keep momentum during the hard times? 13:05
What are some actions to keep yourself accountable to consistency? 17:55

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Podcast 006 – Start With the Why

“Living Beyond the Dream Podcast” – Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! In this week’s podcast, we are discussing the importance of starting with the why in your organization!

Podcast Questions and Times:
Why is your “WHY” so important? – 0:50
How did you come up with your “why” for Bloom Church? – 2:10
How do you get your team to buy into your “why”? – 3:45
How do you consistently communicate the “why” externally? – 8:30
How has making the “why” a primary focus at Bloom affected your volunteer base? – 13:15
If you have been communicating the “what” more than the “why” how do you turn the ship around? – 20:25

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Podcast 004 – Change Happens One Degree at a Time

Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week we are discussing how changes in your organization happen 1 degree at a time!

Podcast Questions and Times:
Why is the word “change” scary? – 1:08
Change becomes the new normal – 2:20
What is important to understand about change? – 3:10
How do you decide what needs to change first? – 4:45
How do you avoid internal push back when introducing change? – 6:28 Avoiding external push back when introducing change – 7:36
How do you overcome the fear of making a change? – 10:46
The only constant in a healthy organization is change – 13:35

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Podcast 003: Failure is Not a Bad Word

Living Beyond the Dream Podcast – Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week in our discussion we are reframing the word “failure” as we learn that failure is not a bad word!!!

Podcast Questions and Times:
Why is failure a negative thing? – 0:30
How do you grow from your failure(s)? – 1:50
How do you identify what isn’t working? – 3:45
How do you communicate that failure isn’t a bad word to your staff? – 8:40
Personally, how have you taken a failure and turned it into growth? – 13:21
A message to the listener that feels in a rut – 18:02
A message to the listener that fears failure – 19:32

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Podcast 002: Self-Actualization

Living Beyond the Dream Podcast – Practical conversations to turn the dreams for your organization or yourself into a reality! This week we are discussing what I believe is the most important trait as a leader and that is self-actualization!!!

Podcast Questions and Times:

* What is Self-Actualization? – 0:30
* How do you assess yourself? – 3:30
* After identifying what areas you need to grow in. What are some best practices around setting goals? – 8:00
* Is self-actualization always a positive thing? If not, what can you do to flip the script? – 19:42
* What are some easy ways to ALWAYS be growing? – 23:10

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The Seasons of Organizational Growth

A few years ago I heard a statement that really shifted the way I evaluate and assess Bloom Church. Someone said and I am paraphrasing “Every healthy leader of a healthy organization knows exactly what season their organization is in”. That we should be purposefully understanding where we are at as an organization and what are the biggest needs for us to move forward. Now that may sound like a no-brainer, but if we are honest most organizations are stuck in the day-to-day mindset and the thought to evaluate where they are at as an organization and where they need to go is non existent. What we must understand is that every organization goes through seasons and we never stay in the same season for ever. Now if you don’t understand this concept of organizational seasons you will do one of two things. First, you will think you are the only organizations experiencing what you are experiencing and put yourself in a silo. Secondly, when times are great or when times are not so great you don’t understand that neither season last forever and if you are not looking ahead you will find yourself in trouble.

Seasons in an organization can look a lot like the seasons we experience in a calendar year.

FALL– Fall is the season of change. The leaves change colors, the air gets crisp, and the reality is everything is dying to embrace for winter. The same is true in your organization when you are in the season of fall. This is when change must happen in your organization to go to the next level, but with change, there is a price to pay because the way you used to do it will die. Things will start to look a little different in this phase of the organization, but don’t worry because change overtime becomes the new normal.

WINTER This is the dreaded season because on the surface it doesn’t look like much is happening, but beneath the surface is where new life is forming. Most people quit in this season because they reminisce about how good it was in the past instead of understanding that there are new seasons in their future. With the change of fall we see the dead of winter and sometimes we lose some of our people, but this is the pruning process and cleaning process of your organization. We all need to get rid of the unhealthy areas of our church so we can allow the new growth to take place. Maybe the death is in character flaws, leadership struggles, ineffective ministries, or systems that are failing and it is in the dead of winter that we start building and perfecting those once weak areas.

SPRING– This is where hope starts rising as the temperature starts to change and birds start singing again. You start to see the new colors forming where life is coming back into bloom! This is the stage that you actually start seeing the changes you made have a positive effect on your organization and you start to see some growth take place. This is a much needed relief after a long winter of developing, training, and restructuring and now you are starting to understand that it was worth it.

SUMMER– This is where momentum kicks in and everything is rocking on all cylinders. Everything is in full bloom, relationships are being formed, and sense of joy just permeates your organization. Everyone loves the excitement that the growth of summer brings and the places your organization is going. However, if we just kick our feet up in this phase and not anticipate another year of seasons we will not make the necessary improvements and changes that our organization needs to sustain this growth. Then we will be like one of those summer main attractions that was once so popular in the past, but now is just a ghost town.

We all experience the seasons in our organizations and the length of those seasons all depend on the size of the problems you are facing and/or your willingness to embrace the seasons and change. Remember that if you embrace the season you are in and anticipate the next season you will arrive at the seasons of growth soon enough!

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The One Business Every Organization’s In

I feel like it is easy for any leader to drift into manager mode as they drift out of leadership mode. We tend to do this because we simply hit cruise control running through our day to day operations and we become more managers of the schedules and the duties than leaders of our people. I understand in any business there are a certain amount tasks that must completed every week, but if forget our number one task which is development of our team and the well being of our people/clients then every area of our organization will suffer.

I don’t care what business you may be in you are first and foremost in the people business. The faster you learn that and the more you focus on that aspect the quicker you will see life and success happening in your organization. You are not selling a product or a service although you may think you are. However, what you are selling is an experience, is relief, and an enrichment to someone’s life.

Coming from a ministry perspective I understand how easy it can be to drift into manager mode and get consumed in the task. You would think that it would be weird that a church could forget about the people, but every week Sunday comes and there is another service we have to pull off. So every week can get lost in the tasks over the experience if you are not careful. You can get lost plugging holes in the scheduling of volunteers instead of elevating the volunteers, you can get so distracted with writing a new message that you forget the audience that you are trying to help, or you can just pick a few random songs that sound good instead of prayerfully crafting a worship experience.

We must wrap our mind around this idea of people first and tasks second because in that we will execute on our tasks in a more impactful way that elevates our entire organization.


Lets be honest what becomes normal becomes overlooked and the atmosphere, environments, systems, team members, and structures all become normal to us. Overtime we just don’t notice what is wrong or what could be improved because frankly we don’t really see it. Put on the lens of a guest, new customer, new client, or new team member and try to view your organization from their perspective. Start to think what their 1st impression would be when they encounter your organization, your product, your service, or your staff culture for the first time. A helpful tip is to visit a few other organizations in your realm of business and take in your 1st impression reactions and then with that new mentality view your organization through that lens.


You can never overfill the tank of honor in your organization because honor leaks overtime. We must build a culture of honor in our organizations because there is nothing better than a reputation of honoring the people that your company interacts with day in and day out. Honor is seen through many ways by delivering on excellence with your service or products, by being generous with your time, talent, and treasure, and by showing and expressing tremendous amounts of gratitude for your team members and customers.


Healthy organizations are a product of healthy leaders. We have to be equipping our team members with the tools to succeed. Unfortunately as much as we know this very few leaders follow through with this understanding in their teams. We either allow the busyness of taking care of the day to day functions of the organization to over ride the discipleship aspect or we over complicate developing leaders. What I have found is that leadership development is neither time consuming or difficult and yet is still the most beneficial to your organizations growth. A few simple principles that are extremely helpful to build a culture of leadership development is first read a leadership book together as a team and discuss it a chapter at a time. Neither difficult or time consuming. Second is make sure your team is writing out measurable goals and review the progress with them frequently. Both of these ideas are simple and neither are extremely time consuming yet I promise you if you implement these ideas at first they will give you a HUGE ROI!


You must spend time with your team members and build camaraderie. If you don’t like spending time with your team members they don’t need to be on your team because if you don’t spend time with them you will never build the bond that stands the test of trials. Loyalty is built over time, but also you would be surprised how much discipleship takes place that is unplanned when you are spending enough time with your team members.


We honor our customers, clients, and team members when we show a hunger for growth and continual desire to keep improving. When we keep making our services, our products, or our culture better it is felt by the people are serving. How we impact the people our organizations encounters is the testament of a successful organization and the testament of the fact that we are in the people business. That understanding is always fueled by continually getting better week in and week out!

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